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Editor’s note:  This is an unofficial list compiled by John Coyne.  Please send any additions or corrections to

Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley, Ambassador to Malta 2012-16
PCV Oman 1980-82

Charles C. Adams Jr., Ambassador to Finland 2015-17
PCV Kenya 1968-70

Frank Almaguer, Ambassador to Honduras 1999-2002
PCV Belize 1967–69, PC/CD Honduras 1976-79

Larry E. André, Jr., Ambassador to Mauritania 2014-17, Djibouti 2017-present
PCV Senegal 1983-85

Michael R. Arietti, Ambassador to Rwanda 2005-08
PCV India 1969-71

Charles R. Baquet III, Ambassador to Republic of Djibouti 1991-94
PCV Somalia 1965-67

Robert Blackwill, Ambassador to India 2001-03
PCV Malawi 1964-66

Julia Chang Bloch, Ambassador to Nepal 1989-93
PCV Malaysia 1964-66

Parker Borg, Ambassador to Mali 1981-84, Iceland 1993-1996
PCV Philippines 1961-63

Richard Boucher, Ambassador to Cyprus 1993-96
PCV Senegal 1973–75

Peter Burleigh, Ambassador to Sri Lanka 1995-1997, United Nations 1998-99
PCV Nepal 1963-65

Katherine Hubay Canavan (formerly Peterson), Ambassador to Botswana 2005-08
PCV Zaire 1973-76

Johnnie Carson, Ambassador to Kenya 1999-2003, Zimbabwe 1995-97, Uganda 1991-94
PCV Tanzania 1965-68

Peter R. Chaveas, Ambassador to Malawi 1994-97, Sierra Leone 2001-04
PCV Chad 1968-70

Michael Corbin, Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates 2011-14
PCV Mauritania 1982–84

Shaun Donnelly, Ambassador to Sri Lanka and Maldives 1997-2000
PCV Tunisia 1968-70

Joseph R. Donovan Jr.,  Ambassador to Indonesia 2017-present
PCV Korea 1973-75

Gregory W. Engle, Ambassador to Togo 2003-05
PC/CD Ethiopia 2012-14, PCV South Korea 1980-81

Richard Erdman, Ambassador to Algeria 2003-06
PCV Turkey 1967-69

Robert Fitts, Ambassador to Papua New Guinea 2003-06
PCV Malaysia 1970-72

Robert Ford, Ambassador to Syria 2011-14, Algeria 2006-08
PCV Morocco 1980-82

Dan Foote, Ambassador to Zambia 2017-present
PCV Bolivia 1992-94

Robert S. Gelbard, Ambassador to Bolivia 1988-91, Indonesia 1999-2001
PCV Bolivia 1964-66  (first PCV to return to as Ambassador to Peace Corps country)

Ronald Godard, Ambassador to Guyana 2001-03
PCV Ecuador 1964-66

Gordon Gray III, Ambassador to Tunisia 2009-12
PCV Morocco 1978-80

David Greenlee, Ambassador to Paraguay 2000-03, Bolivia 2003-06
PCV Bolivia 1965-67

Robert E. Gribbin, Ambassador to Central African Republic 1992-95, Rwanda 1995-99
PCV Kenya 1968-70

Matthew Harrington, Ambassador to Lesotho 2014-17
PCV Mauritania 1988-89

Christopher R. Hill, Ambassador to Macedonia 1996-99, Poland 2000-04, South Korea 2004-05, Iraq 2009-10
PCV Cameroon 1974–76

Vicki Huddleston, Ambassador to Madagascar 1995-96, Mali 2002-05, Chief of U.S. Interests Section Havana 1999–2002
PCV Peru 1964–66

Edmund Hull, Ambassador to Yemen 2001-04
PCV Tunisia 1987–90

Thomas N. Hull, Ambassador to Sierra Leone 2004-07
PCV Sierra Leone 1968-70

Cameron Hume, Ambassador to Algeria 1997-2000, South Africa 2001-04, Sudan 2005-07, Indonesia 2007-10
PCV Libya 1968-70

Ravic Huso, Ambassador to Laos 2007-10
PCV Senegal 1976-1978

Darryl N. Johnson, Ambassador to Thailand 2004-07
PCV Thailand 1962–65

John Keane, Ambassador to Paraguay 2003-05
PCV Colombia 1966-69

John W. Limbert, Ambassador to Mauritania 2000-03
PCV Iran 1964-66

Donald Lu, Ambassador to Albania 2014-18, nominated to Kyrgyz Republic (2018)
PCV Sierra Leone 1988-90

James F. Mack, Ambassador to Guyana 1997-2000
PCV Honduras 1963-65

R. Niels Marquardt, Ambassador to Equatorial Guinea 2004-06, Cameroon 2004-07, Madagascar 2007-10
PCV Rwanda 1977-79

Don McConnell, Ambassador to Burkina Faso 1993-96, Eritrea 2001-04
PCV Nigeria 1963-65

W. Patrick Murphy, nominated Ambassador to Cambodia
PCV Cameroon 1985-87

Walter North, Ambassador to Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu & Solomon Islands 2012-16
PCV Ethiopia 1973-75

Larry Leon Palmer, Ambassador to Honduras 2002-05, Barbados 2012-16
PCV Liberia 1971

Mary C. Pendleton, Ambassador to Moldova 1992-95
PCV Tunisia 1966-68

Dean Pittman, Ambassador to Mozambique 2016-present
PCV Gabon 1978-80

Robert Annan Riley III, Ambassador to Federated States of Micronesia 2016-present
PCV Gabon 1979-83

Richard Roth, Ambassador to Senegal and Guinea-Bissau 2002-05
PCV Burkina Faso 1969-72

Brenda (Brown) Schoonover, Ambassador to Togo 1998-2000
PCV Philippines 1961-63

Stephen Schwartz, Ambassador to Somalia 2016-17
PCV Cameroon 1981-83

Dane F. Smith, Ambassador to Guinea 1990-93, Senegal 1996-99
PCV Ethiopia 1963-65

Kathleen Stephens, Ambassador to South Korea 2008-11
PCV South Korea 1975-77

John Christopher Stevens, Ambassador to Libya May-September 2012
PCV Morocco 1983–85

Eric William Stromayer, nominated Ambassador to Togo (2018)
PCV Senegal 1982-83

Stephanie Sanders Sullivan, Ambassador to Republic of Congo 2013-17, nominated to Ghana (2018)
PCV  Dominican Republic 1980-83

Peter Tomsen, Ambassador to Armenia 1995-98
PCV Nepal 1964-65

Victor L. Tomseth, Ambassador to Laos 1993-96
PCV Nepal 1964-65

William H. Twaddell, Ambassador to Mauritania 1988-91, Nigeria 1997-2000, Chief of Mission to Liberia 1992-95
PCV Brazil 1963-65

R. Barrie Walkley, Ambassador to Guinea 2001-04, Gabon 2004-07
PCV Somalia 1967-69

Eric Whitaker, Ambassador to Niger 2017-present
PCV Philippines 1980-82

Pamela White, Ambassador to Gambia 2010-12, Haiti 2012-15
PCV Cameroon 1971-73

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